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Golf Coaching on the Gold Coast

Looking For Golf Coaching on the Gold Coast? You've Come To The Right Place

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One of most amazing things I've noticed over the years is the difference in ability between incredibly talented golfers and the top professionals who play on tour week in and week out. Everyone knows that it's absolutely critical at the top level to undertake golf coaching in order to stay at the top and get better every year.

What a lot of amateur golfers are not aware of is the time frame it can take in order to really internalise the changes to your golf swing.

Here's a little story that paints a powerful picture...

I remember reading a story about a very talented young golfer who was an exceptional ball striker and managed to get on the leader board at The Players one year at Sawgrass. Whilst being interviewed after his round he managed to come up with the following...

"Over the years I've been noted as an exceptional ball striker and to be honest I thought I'd be able to get on to the main tour and win a number of tournaments. I was certainly shocked as I realised very quickly that I didn't win a thing. Every aspect of my game was lacking from my short game, bunker play, wedges and putting. None of my game was good enough. I was totally blown away by how good these guys are out here. So I put my ego to one side and started working relentlessly, with my golf coach, on all aspects of my short game, especially everything from 100 yards and in and my putting and that was 2 years ago. At this stage I feel I am just starting to catch up now."

Golf Coaching and relentless work for a full 2 years
and he's only just starting to catch up!?!

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You see when it comes to golf coaching the one reality you need to understand right away is that ongoing improvement takes time. Ideally you'll find the journey fun but most of all very rewarding. It's about establishing a solid plan with your local Gold Coast Golf Pro and then working towards that plan and doing it consistently.

Here are the top 3 points to take into account when looking for Golf Coaching on the Gold Coast

  1. Set realistic expectations
  2. Find a coach who will be honest with you
  3. Find a coach who understands how important the short game is

1. Setting realistic expectations

Setting lofty goals like winning the A grade club championship in 6 months time even though you've never broken 80 in your life is not going to help anyone. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree that setting big goals can motivate and inspire you to take action, setting unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment if the desired improvement has not taken place.

Ideally you'll want to find a golf coach who has your best interest at heart and will work with you over time and keep you on track and consistently moving towards your desired goals. Having a lack of belief in yourself and saying things like "I'm not good enough" or "I'll never get my handicap down to X" won't assist you and usually only happens when you set unrealistic expectations.

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2. Find a Golf coach who will be honest with you

"What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve"

If you are new to golf coaching at any level then it's important to understand that anything is possible in golf but there are some limitations on being able to achieve certain things consistently. It's important for your golf coach to be absolutely honest with you whilst respecting your dreams and knowing how possible it for humans to achieve great things against all odds.

I'm a big believer in being optimistic with what people can achieve as those with desire and determination usually always win over those with raw talent. Having said that it's absolutely critical to understand the importance of setting realistic expectations, as mentioned above, with a golf coach who'll be honest with you.

By setting a realistic golf improvement program and golf coaching with a qualified professional you'll find your game will improve out of sight and your consistency will be something admired by your playing partners.

3. Find a coach who understands how important the short game is

If you have watched any of the golf majors on TV you'll have noticed how critical the short game is to successful scoring. How many times have you heard in a post round interview comments like 'I made that critical up and down on 12' or 'I made a clutch nine foot putt on 16 for par that really kept my game on track'

Who could forget Nick Faldo making 18 straight pars on the last round of the British Open he won many years ago? What you may not know is that more than 50% of your golf shots will come from 100 metres and in. That is why it's vital that you work on this aspect of your game considerably more than your driver.

Have a look at the statistics for someone who shoots 80...

  • Most golf courses have 10 par 4's, 4 par 5's and 4 par 3's. This means you'll use your driver no more than 14 times and usually one or two holes require a 3 wood for position off the tee
  • You'll likely have around 33 putts in a round
  • You'll on average miss around 10 greens in regulation leaving you with 10 chip shots around the greens
  • Further to this on short par 4's and normal par 5's you'll probably be hitting your approach to the green from within 100 metres

If you add all that up you'll discover you use your driver around 16% of the time and be hitting shots from within 100 metres the majority of the time. So it goes without saying that your short game is where the action is at.

As they say 'You drive for show and putt for dough' and nothing could be more true in my humble opinion.

Hopefully that will give you some great perspective of what you should be looking for when booking some golf coaching on the Gold Coast with your local golf professional.

Feel free to come in and see us at Gold Coast Golf Pro and we can tailor a golf improvement package that gets you shooting lower scores more consistently whilst ensuring you are enjoying the game more and more.

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