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Golf Vouchers For Gold Coast Golfers

We Make Life Easy For People To Give A Golf Voucher

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Many golf pro's make the mistake of not offering golfing lesson gift vouchers on their site and they miss out on another income stream. The beauty of working online nowadays is that taking payments online is very straight forward. Not only that but the goal for this page is to rank highly for the search term 'Golf Vouchers on the Gold Coast'.

You could have attractive golf vouchers like the professionally designed image below. Having attractive images adds credibility and shows that you are serious about offering a great service to your clients.

golf voucher

Accepting credit cards online is simple

 golf voucher







Accepting major credit cards online is very simple now and setting up a Paypal payment option which allows you to accept all major credit cards is a breeze.

So essentially you make it easy for your clients and friends of their family to order and pay for a golf lesson or golf lessons online via your golf voucher page. Payments will be made straight into your paypal account which is linked to your bank account. Nothing could be easier.

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You'll be shown how step by step

If you are not sure about how to do this I will provide guidance every step of the way with video tutorials and simple instructions along the way. Remember I want this site to represent your core values and I want you to concentrate on getting great content to better service your clients. I'll look after the technical stuff, allowing you the freedom to offer great service to your clients.

Everyone has a family member in their life that's a mad keen golfer. This will give them a chance to grab a golfing gift voucher for their friend for a b'day, fathers day, mothers day or xmas present.

Many people struggle to find the perfect present for a friend who is a mad keen golfer but a golf lesson given as a voucher will work for any keen golfer. Everyone wins. You get a new client and the golfer gets a lesson to help improve their golf game.

This alone with help you stand out from the other golf pro's who you are competing with. It's vital that your offerings are fresh and offer great value and by offering a golf voucher you are doing exactly that.

Ideas of what to offer

Below are some ideas of what type of golf vouchers you might like to offer on your site but you are not limited to the following 3 packages. You are only limited by your imagination.

I'd highly recommend you list everything you can and provide some great variety for all budget types. I've put together 3 levels of golf vouchers to get you started and you can edit, modify and add to them as you please.

Bronze Golf Voucher Package

Our bronze golf voucher package entitles you to 1 half hour golf lesson with one of our golf professionals.

Half hour golf lessons are $45

Grab you bronze golf voucher package here

Silver Golf Voucher Package

Our silver golf voucher package entitles you to 1 full hour golf lesson or 2 half hour golf lessons. This package is ideal for those looking to get their golf game to the next level and really start to improve.

Full hour golf lesson or 2 half hour golf lessons are $90

Grab your silver golf voucher package here

Gold Golf Voucher Package

Our gold golf voucher package entitles you to a 9 hole golf lesson which is a very practical gift to give. Playing lessons involve more than just your golf swing as we run through the important aspects of course management, pacing yourself and getting the most out of your current golf game.

9 hole golf lessons are $125

Grab your gold golf voucher package here

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