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Golf Packages

Select From Our Range Of Golf Packages To Suit Your Needs prides itself in providing the complete range of golf packages to suit every budget and level of playing ability.

On this page it's important to outline exactly what value you are offering your potential clients. For example, half hour golf lessons or 1 hour golf lessons always provide great value but may not be quite enough.

Think about creating packages that you are extremely confident will assist your clients get the most value out of their time with you. This may mean you start offering half day golf packages or even 2-5 day stay and play golf packages. You could incorporate playing at a number of different golf courses as part of the package.

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Here are some ideas on the different types of golf packages you could offer:

  • Half hour lesson
  • 1 hour golf lesson
  • Purchase 3 lessons and get 1 free
  • Purchase 2 golf lessons and get the 3rd half price
  • Half day golf package
  • Full day golf package
  • 2 day stay and play
  • 3 day stay and play
  • 5 day golf clinic
  • Junior golf lessons
  • Golf playing lesson
  • You could run 1 hour course management seminars in house
  • Group golf sessions for corporates
  • Group junior golf lessons
  • Short game improvement package
  • Long game improvement package
  • Improve your Putting golf package

As you can see above you are only limited by your imagination. So long as you can definitely add value to your clients then you should brainstorm what you can offer and create an attractive price point for each lesson.

Ideally you should provide as much information as you can on each golf package so clients know exactly what to expect. The more information you provide the more credibility you will gain and the more likely clients will be to invest in one of your golf packages.

Accepting payments for your golf lessons

Accepting payments with major credit cards online is a very simple process. I'll be setting this up for you so long as you have a PayPal account.

golf package

Essentially you can have a payment button for every single golf package that you offer through PayPal. They provide payment buttons which I can upload, allowing you to accept all major credit cards giving you another stream of income.

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Payment received...Thank You

Once payment has been received clients can print off their receipt and quote their details over the phone when they book their next golf lesson with you. This entire process will make you look very professional and give your clients a sense that they are going to receive excellent service and value for their money. Every little bit helps and creating a professional, attractive online package is important in today's electronic age.

Below I've created some basic golf package ideas

Half Day Golf Package

Here are the details of the half day golf package

2 day stay and play golf package

Here are the details of the 2 day stay and play package

Half hour golf lesson

Individual - $45
2 Golfers - $25 per person
3 Golfers - $20 per person

1 hour golf lesson

Individual - $90
2 Golfers - $50 per person
3 Golfers - $45 per person

Golf Playing Lesson

9 hole golf playing lesson - $125

Junior golf lessons

We run junior golf lesson clinics every Saturday morning from 8:30 to 9:30 allowing the little ones to get the important fundamentals of the golf game. By teaching them the right skills at a young age will stand them in good stead later in life when they start playing competitive tournaments. Who knows, you might have the next Greg Norman or Adam Scott on your hands. 

Bookings are essential so please contact us to check for availability.

Thank You

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Phone: 0416 099 696

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Ashley has been helping golfers of all ability levels since 1990, from weekend hackers to experienced single figure markers.

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