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Would You Like A Cost Effective Way To Drive
Targeted Leads To Your Gold Coast Golf Pro Business And Increase Your Client Base
And Sales At The Same Time?

Perhaps you own a golf course or driving range on the Gold Coast with a number of golf professionals working with you and would like to expand your business and offer a time tested way to generate new clients, thereby increasing your revenues.

If you are a golf professional and are looking to increase sales and build a solid reputation as the leading golf professional on the Gold Coast then you have come to the right spot.

Have a listen to the video message below. In it I describe exactly how you can:

  1. Be branded as the Number 1 Golf Professional on the Gold Coast
  2. Own this website and customise every aspect to suit your needs
  3. Have access to Full video, phone and email support

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As you can see from the video above I am looking for a Gold Coast Golf Pro (or a driving range with several golf pro's working there) to dominate the front page of google and drive local, targeted traffic and increase your business.

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You have the chance to own a fully functional, attractive website that is fully customisable and tailored to your specific market that already ranks on the front page of Google for various key search terms in your local city.

Only 1 entrepreneurial golf professional
in this city will have the chance to own
this site and dominate their local area.

My promise is that I'll only work with one golf pro in each city in order to get them the highest possible ranking on Google and other major search engines.

How many new clients a month do you need?

When you take control of this website you'll be getting all the targeted traffic which means you'll be building your client base, building your database and will have the opportunity to sell any number of golf related products from this site.

What if you get a booking for a 1 hour golf lesson a month? That's an extra $90 or so that might have gone to a competitor.

2 golf lessons - $180 extra

5 golf lessons - $450 extra

You and I both know that most golfers never book just one lesson but in fact will come back time and time again for repeat golf lessons. You do the numbers and begin asking your self how many golf lesson bookings a month do you need to run this website as a positive marketing investment?

What about other ways to monetise your site?

Remember an online website allows you to offer a number of great services. Consider the following opportunities to earn multiple income streams from this site:

  • Run golf tours in your local area
  • Run golf tours overseas in Asia, trips to Augusta or the British Open
  • Sell a range of golf merchandise online through affiliate programs
  • Sign up with Amazon and sell golf books online
  • Set up with Clickbank and sell golf products online and earn 30-75% commissions easily
  • Offer any number of products that you can get wholesale at the retail price to your local golfers
  • Plus much, much more

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As you can see that is just the beginning of possible ways to earn additional revenue from this website. In the early stages I'd suggest you keep things simple and look to dominate your local area as your first priority then build a solid business plan on how to maximise your earning potential from this site.

Here is your chance to own a your own website that:

  • looks fantastic
  • will help you be branded as the number 1 golf professional in your city
  • ranks highly in Google already
  • will pay for itself and be a positive marketing investment
  • has no lock in contracts
  • has no exit fees whatsoever; and
  • is fully customisable to suit your individual business needs

Here is a mock front page 

Gold Coast Golf Pro

Discover The Secret To Lower Your Golf Scores And Develop More Power, Accuracy And Control In Your Golf Game

Having conducted hundreds of Golf Lessons over the years we know exactly what you are looking to achieve in your golf game...

  • To be able to hit the ball straighter and further
  • To generate more power but couple that with the accuracy of an archer
  • To be able to hit more greens in regulation easily
  • To create a simple and dependable golf swing that locks into place every Saturday morning
  • To be able to shave 5-10+ shots off your handicap in weeks, not years
  • To eliminate that nasty slice and get back on the right part of the golf course
  • To be able to find the sweet spot all the time
  • To free your mind of countless swing thoughts and just hit it

Well we are here to tell you, as the leading golf professionals on the Gold Coast, that you are not only capable of achieving everything mentioned above but a lot, lot more.

Click Here to own this golf website

If you are looking to improve your golf then we are well positioned to help you, having helped people to learn golf for the last 15 years and not only get better but to drastically lower their handicaps.

Discover how to bring the FUN back into your golf game

By working with the team at you'll be able to focus on the key foundation that will have you in control of your golf game, improving with each outing and most importantly, knocking it way past your playing partners regularly. Your new found enthusiasm will mean you can begin to enjoy your round and start to have FUN again.

We look forward to being able to assist you in becoming a better golfer and consistently shooting lower scores. You'll be amazed at the difference we can make to your golf game.

See you on the golf course...

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Own This Website
You can own this website and drive local, targeted traffic which will allow you to fill your booking sheet with quality paying customers. I can only work with one person in each area otherwise I'll be competing with myself. Full support is provided.

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Mobile: 0416 099 696

Ashley has been helping golfers of all ability levels since 1990, from weekend hackers to experienced single figure markers.

This photo and text can be customised for you and your team. Your name and picture will be here along with any other professionals that are working with you.

If you would like to Own This Website or know or someone who would, then get in touch with me today via the number above.

Thank You. 

 Earn Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Programs

golf affiliate program

Here is an example of the number 1  golf affiliate program that runs on autopilot on your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It pays a massive 75% commission and all earnings go to you. If you don't like this one there are dozens of other programs to choose from. Sell golf gear, online books, video golf tutorials, golf membership programs, practice equipment...the list is endless when it comes to golf. 

Simple Golf Swing

Whilst you are building your golf coaching business you can tap into the multitude of ways to earn money online.

There are only so many hours in a day to conduct golf coaching lessons, whereas sales online can come in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The online revolution is here to stay, it's just a matter of putting your hand up and staking your piece. The way the online world works is the earlier you get in the better.